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Yoshio and Sakyo don´t like people insulting their boyfriends.

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Ryuga appreciation post ♥ 」

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Ryuga appreciation post ♥ 」

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Ryuga appreciation post ♥ 」

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ok so its like 4:30 am and i cant sleep so im gonna write out a madoyuki fanfic idea i dreamt about (also inspired by 34chocos headcanon for yuki u w u)



Yuki hummed thoughtfully as his fingers drummed on the counter, waiting for his transaction to complete. He had finally decided to take a break from his studies and research to get a breath of fresh air, not to mention he had to pick up his bey from the B-Pit. But first, he wanted to get a little something from the store. He gave the female behind the counter the money and took the round box of mints with a thank you and promptly left.
He had no idea why, but he found himself to be slightly addicted to the breath fresheners. He found them to be great stress relievers and sucking on one helped him focus during one of his all nighter studies. And because of the former, he found himself opening the box and popping one into his mouth. Why on earth would he be so stressed? He was nearing the B-Pit, and the thought of who he’d be seeing made his heart race.
As he pushed the door open, a soft yet loud ring from the bell overhead sounded throughout the shop, signaling his presence. Soon enough, a certain young brunette girl emerged from the staircase leading below, and sure enough, he felt like he could hear his heart beat clear in his ears. He can’t exactly remember how long it’s been, but he’s pretty sure he’s had a major crush on Madoka for a relatively long time. Maybe from when he first met her and the others? Most likely. Every time he’d see or even think of her, he’d find himself to be infatuated with SOMETHING about her, ranging from how beautiful and soft her hair seemed to when she’d show how intelligent she was. This time, he found himself unable to get over how happy and welcoming she was, even though it was clear she was a bit tired. He couldn’t help but feel bad that he may have been the cause of her lack of sleep. Well, maybe Anubius, really.
Her voice caused him to snap out of his thoughts, face flushing a nice red shade from embarrassment. Oh God, did he space out again?
“Lemme guess, you pulled another all-nighter?” she tilted her head, giggling in a way that made his butterfly-filled stomach do backflips.
“A-ah, yes, I did…” he stuttered, letting out a nervous chuckle. He felt idiotic, that was strike one! He tried to calm down, sucking on the icy cool mint.
“You really need to take breaks and sleep sometimes, Yuki. You shouldn’t devote ALL your time to that stuff!” her lips curled downwards in a worried frown.
“I-I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you, Miss Madoka…” he smiled sheepishly. She held that frown for a bit before finally allowing herself to smile.
“Good! Speaking of good, your Anubius is all ready to go!” she chimed, handing him the blue and black bey.
He couldn’t resist the excited smile appearing on his face, even if he tried. He carefully took the bey, inspecting it carefully. No scratches, no dirt… It was as clean and perfect as could be!
“Thank you so much, Miss Madoka! Outstanding work as usual!” he praised. She couldn’t help but smile brightly, a rosy red color dusting her cheeks and oh my god there goes his heart again. Why won’t she stop accidentally giving him more reasons to fall in love with her?
“Oh, I wouldn’t go /that/ far… But you’re welcome!” So modest and sweet… He sucked on the mint again, deciding it’d be in his best interest to leave now before he embarrassed himself somehow. And lord help him if he embarrasses himself in front of HER.
“U-um, anyway, I have some errands to run for grandfather, maybe we could get a coffee or something later?” he blurted out the last part, causing an awkward silence to fill the air.
He immediately starts fumbling over his words, trying to recover from his mistake, but it just made it worse, at least to him. Once he heard the girl giggle, he froze, already expecting the reason being that once again, he was an idiot. Two strikes, and he already counted himself out.
“I wouldn’t mind at all.” she smiled, making Yuki take what seemed like forever to realize what she had just said.
“…W-what? R-really?”
“Mhm! It sounds like a great idea!” she confirmed. He was still embarrassed, but at the same time, VERY happy.
“O-ok then, so l-later today?” he offered, Madoka nodding with that same cute smile on her face.
‘Why’re you doing this to me, Madoka?’ he couldn’t help but think, finding himself popping another mint in his mouth, catching her attention.
“I didn’t know you liked mints…!” she blinked, tilting her head curiously.
“A-ah… Yes, they’re great for helping me focus and relieve stress.” he explained.
“I see… Hey, can I have one?” she asked, staring up at him and he swears his heart once again tried to torment him, leaping into his throat.
“A-ah, sure…!” he nodded, starting to reach for the box, failing to notice a mischievous glint in her eye, thus causing him to fail to react to what happened next.
Before he even realized it, Madoka had pressed her lips against his, making him freeze up once he finally realized. It was like almost everything stopped for him. Everything but his heart and a small portion of his brain. He couldn’t stop thinking, he couldn’t get over how soft her lips were. Not only that, but they were so smooth and warm and sweet… He subconsciously started to etch the feeling in his memory instead of actually replying to the kiss. Despite that, he could’ve sworn he felt something invade his mouth, but before he could figure it out, she pulled away, leaving a slightly dazed (actually, VERY dazed) Yuki.
It took him a bit to snap out of it, but when he did, he felt his entire face burn red, causing Madoka to giggle once more.
“I-I…. U-umm…. A-ahh…” he stammered, trying desperately to form a coherent sentence, and failing.
“Tell me later. Don’t you have errands to run?” she teased, that bit of info putting Yuki’s mind back together.
“A-ah, r-right! I-I’ll see you later….!” he squeaked, scurrying out of the B-Pit. He still couldn’t believe that that had actually happened, he pretty much lost control of half his body. His legs quivered, his palms sweated, again his heart tormented him… and now he felt kinda light headed. Why did she have to do this to him, why did he end up falling for her so hard? After what seemed like forever he pulled himself together and went on his way, realization dawning on him about halfway there.

Didn’t he have a mint in his mouth before?




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「 Ryuga appreciation post ♥ 」

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If love is all you need, a soldier I will be

Aaaaaaaaa i love how this turned out!!

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Ryuga appreciation post ♥ 」

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Ryuga appreciation post ♥ 」

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Ryuga appreciation post ♥ 」

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The signal reception is good, 5-2-4
Freud? Keloid? Just hit the keys. 
Let's just laugh everything off. 
Hurry up and dance, you group of fools!